Friday, March 29, 2013

XS650 Project

I inherited this XS650 project off of Spencer a few months ago. This bike started off as a street tracker project that turned into a almost year long hard tail project. His plans were to build it , ride it for a bit then sell for a Sportster. Well he bought the Sportster before he finished the XS and wanted to start tearing into that bike first day. I had to put my foot down and say you gotta finish the XS before you start tearing up that Sporty. After a few beers at Pizza Port one Saturday I said I would finish the XS for him in trade for credit on parts to build the sporty. Long story short I have a XS650 I have to finish along with the half dozen other projects I have here in the shop. Here are a few pictures of what I got and what we have done.
Sissy Bar, seat, and exhaust ( exhaust from Chop Cult )
Fender Bracket
Headlight mount not yet finished
Tail light, License mount, and under seat electrical box

New tank also found on Cop Cult
Side view of hidden electrical box


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