Saturday, March 27, 2010

Evo Breather Prototype

We were just thinking it might clean things up a bit.
We'll run them for a bit and see but I can't imagine them not working.
Production will be fully machined threaded stainless housing, brass or stainless mesh, UNI foam filter & a Stainless circlip.


  1. Such a great Idea to clean it up! Whats holding the Carb on now though?
    P.S. Killing IT!!!!! Do the dam thang homies!!!!!!!

  2. We should have them in the online store sometime next week.
    I'll let ya'll know.


  3. I can't think of any reason why these couldn't be run in conjunction with a regular carb mounting bracket, yes? If so I have a cool idear. How much, and when can I get a set?


  4. Any issues with these things spittin' oil? Killer idea... I need a set too!

  5. is there a phone number i can talk to someone about these. i need something very similar for a buell chop. need to know OD of the threads and thread counts ?