Thursday, November 19, 2009

First few

Caps are in

Bench*Mark hats are done.
Black & Navy are the color choices (black shown), Quality mesh, not too tall, with an appliquedpatch.
$15 shipped in the US. $20 shipped everywhere else
pay pal:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Working Samples

Pat spun a starter bearing yesterday & that put a halt to dialing in his bike for Saturdays ride so I took the opportunity to put in a few hours on the first working samples of the Kicker pedal & air cleaner.
So far I'm pretty pleased with both. Check them out but keep in mind there will be quite a few changes before they're ready.
I'm thinking the logos will be different on the pedal, some of the lines softened up a bit, a smaller bolt. The air cleaner will be changed the most with no visable logo & a completely different look on the front, a different mounting system & possibly a bit thinner.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Vertical Bolt Pattern Covers Are Done

This is the last of the finned design.

8 vertical bolt pattern (sporty) availbale

$35.00 Shipped in the US
$45.00 Shipped everywhere else.

PayPal To:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Couple of Bits in the Works.

Here's a couple of first prototypes of what we're working on. Keep in mind these are the first samples so a lot of changes are going to be made.
The air cleaner you see is real close to the size & shape, we're still working on style & multiple carb mounting methods.
The kick pedal is loosely based on one of my favorite BMX pedals that back then was too expensive for me to own. Anyone know which one?
It also has a ways to go but I'm already pretty stoked on it.

Chop Cult Bolt Covers

Here's the points covers we did for the Chop Cult guys .
We only did two and they'll be placed in the Miles Store were members can redeem milage points for product.
Just like SkeeBall without all those tickets.

The Finned Points Covers Process

I've been ask a bunch of times how we make these points covers look the way they do.
Here it is.

First we cut the material to size and clamp it in the machine. Pat works his keyboard magic & the cutting begins.

Fresh out of the CNC Machine

Media blast front and back.
Next: I bolt each cover to a fixture, clamp it in the vice and rough shape it with an angle grinder/ rough grit flap wheel. Once I'm happy with the rough shape I smooth in the final edges on the bench grinder with an 80 grit flap wheel.

Next Step: deburr & smooth any scratches with a Scotch-brite wheel on the bench grinder.
The final steps are the polishing, first with black emery compound and the stitch wheel, secondly with white compound and the poofy polish wheel.