Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Evo Tech Tip

This bit of useful information comes via #1 Bench*Mark test rider Rouser Works Rob.
Hit up your dealer for a 1999 Buell M2 Cyclone carburetor bracket, It should run you in the $15-$17 range.
We realize Buell parts are going to get harder to get so we're kicking around producing our own bracket, sexed up a little bit and made of stainless. We'll keep ya'll posted.


  1. That bracket doesn't fit a 2008 XL1200N. I tried it. It almost fit.

  2. Where's the fit issue David?

  3. Isn't a 2008 fuel injected? I "assume" that's why it wouldn't fit...???

  4. anyone have a part number for the bracket???

  5. I purchased one of these brackets from my H=D dealer part # P0280.F for my 1998 EVO and it does not even come close to lining up to the breathers. Fits the carb, but does not even come close to the breathers. Very disappointed.