Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Couple of Bits in the Works.

Here's a couple of first prototypes of what we're working on. Keep in mind these are the first samples so a lot of changes are going to be made.
The air cleaner you see is real close to the size & shape, we're still working on style & multiple carb mounting methods.
The kick pedal is loosely based on one of my favorite BMX pedals that back then was too expensive for me to own. Anyone know which one?
It also has a ways to go but I'm already pretty stoked on it.


  1. hey kim! all this stuff looks soo sick! i am probably going to eventualy need one of those points covers you make for my ironhead. also if you ever need 3d printed parts get at me and i will get you a good price from my work.

  2. Man thanks Andy.
    These are probably the last of the finned covers so let me know.