Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Finned Points Covers Process

I've been ask a bunch of times how we make these points covers look the way they do.
Here it is.

First we cut the material to size and clamp it in the machine. Pat works his keyboard magic & the cutting begins.

Fresh out of the CNC Machine

Media blast front and back.
Next: I bolt each cover to a fixture, clamp it in the vice and rough shape it with an angle grinder/ rough grit flap wheel. Once I'm happy with the rough shape I smooth in the final edges on the bench grinder with an 80 grit flap wheel.

Next Step: deburr & smooth any scratches with a Scotch-brite wheel on the bench grinder.
The final steps are the polishing, first with black emery compound and the stitch wheel, secondly with white compound and the poofy polish wheel.

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